Friday, 7 September 2012

Training Industry Trends

In the current economic climate companies are careful on what they spend money on and often training is at the bottom of the list. However a lot of employers still value investing in their employees, wanting to keep in pace with business demands and changes but also to improve the standard of their work, keep them stimulated and interested, which in turn leads to higher retention of staff. It is important to retain and develop talent within the company as hiring and training new employees prove to be more costly.

Trends show that training programmes have become shorter in length and 90-minute espresso sessions have become quite popular for people with busy schedules, who do not want to (or cannot afford to) spend hours on training courses anymore. Shorter but more intensive courses have become far more effective. The main objective is that employees can discover practical techniques which can be implemented immediately in their workplace. The benefit for the company is maximising investment with this time-efficient training concept.

These days more and more businesses are turning to e-Learning as it offers a versatile and highly effective alternative way to progress skills and also helps to keep training costs low. The biggest advantage is flexibility - people can fit the training into their own schedule and learn at their own pace. This has become increasingly important in our busy lifestyles. 

For more industry trends watch Capita Learning & Development's, UK Delivery Team Manager, Liz Kemp, speaking about the trends and changes in the training industry, bespoke and tailored training solutions and what the future holds for the training industry. 

With the impact of the recession still being felt nationwide, UK employees are increasingly expected to do more with fewer resources. 
Capita Learning & Development has taken the industry trends and customer feedback into account and identified a full suite of programmes and short courses to tackle the development needs of the UK. They range from Leadership and Management through to Personal Development; and accredited programmes.

We have updated and also added some new courses, for example Talent Management and Succession Planning as the current competitive recruitment and retention climate is creating the need for innovative talent management strategies. Also new is Evaluating Learning Intervention Effectiveness. In order to maximise the impact and return on investment of any learning it is essential to measure the effectiveness. Businesses need to make sure that retained learning is put into practice and its impact should be measured.

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