Friday, 11 May 2012

It’s National Learning at Work Day – 17 May 2012

Why should companies participate in Learning at Work Day and what are the benefits of training employees?

It’s all rather simple: the more people learn the more people can accomplish. Shouldn’t this be every company’s greatest aim? Having a competent and well-trained workforce in place generating revenue showing off their skills and knowledge while doing it? Sounds like a win win situation for both sides…

Let’s look at other benefits of training your employees:

  • Training helps your business run better and continuously improve on previous performance.  Well-trained employees will feel at ease and confident with their responsibilities and tasks at work.  A well-trained employee will close that deal, offer outstanding customer service or think out of the box at the next pitch for a major contract. 
  • Training promotes self-esteem and confidence in the workplace. Everyone wants to feel needed and appreciated; we also all need to have a purpose. Going home after a day spent not achieving anything at work can be demoralizing, but training and development at work can instil a feeling of achievement and self-worth.  
  • Training leads to job satisfaction and fulfilment.  Employees offered training will contribute to the company. The more involved employees are in the organization and decision making process, the greater the rewards for the company. 
  • Training is a way of retaining your employees.  By offering training the company creates a culture of loyalty where employees feel appreciated.  Employees will be more likely to stay, learn and grow at your company if opportunities to grow, learn and train are offered on a regular basis.  Which bring us to the next point…
  • Training is also an excellent form of recruitment.  Candidates no longer just look at salaries and benefits offered but also consider the training opportunities and career progression offered when considering potential companies to work at. 
  • Training employees in multiple sectors in the business can lead to adjustability and greater efficiency at work. Companies should cross-train employees as much as possible in order to fill the gaps when people are ill or absent from work. This will not only help your business but also keep your employees stimulated and engaged. 
  • Another great form of training is creating a culture where employees can learn and teach each other.  Sharing skills amongst employees will be like diversifying your investments. 

Companies can’t really afford not to train employees anymore, salaries and benefits are not strong enough incentives. Employees work for different reasons, including job satisfaction, learning new skills, increasing confidence and knowledge at work or building their careers.

For more information on Learning At Work Day please visit the website: Learning at Work Day 17 May 2012

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