Tuesday, 18 March 2014

What challenges do Internal Communication professionals face in 2014?

A recent study, State of the Sector, by Gatehouse asked Internal Communication professionals what their priorities were in 2014.
"The four top answers were similar to 2013: improving electronic channels (61%), leadership communication (61%), developing/refreshing an IC strategy (60%), and improving communication planning (52%). Enhancing line manager communication, building the IC team / capability and restructuring the IC function appear to have lost ground over the past 12 months."
Clearly more progress needs to be made in 2014 in areas such as improving electronic communication channels, leadership communication, developing an Internal Communication strategy, and improving communication planning.  But how do you develop your Internal Communication strategy?  Or how to you improve your electronic communication channels?

Capita Learning and Development offers a Diploma and Masters degree in Internal Communication accredited by Kingston University, designed to help Internal Communication professionals face these challenges. The Diploma and Masters programmes equip students with a depth of knowledge about communication, people and organisations, providing the knowledge and gravitas to operate at a senior level.

Internal Communication blog - Rachel Miller
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Meet Rachel Miller, an Internal Communications Diploma attendee, and Director of All Things IC. Rachel tells us more about what she learned on the course,  the advantages of taking an Internal Communication qualification and how it helped her start her own Internal Communication consultancy.

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