Wednesday, 5 March 2014

How to face challenges at work and beyond

We have all experienced a number of challenges in our professional lives, some of which you may have handled exceptionally well, others you may have wished you ‘knew then what you know now.’ However, all in all wherever you are in the world and whichever stage you are at in your career, challenges are an everyday part of the corporate world. Today’s blog post sets out to create a sense of awareness and how you can let challenges be your biggest strength, not your worst enemy. 

The ideas in this article relate to people, circumstances, sales and even transcend to our personal lives – there is no right or wrong situation for using this advice, just take what you feel is right for you.
Face challenges at home and work
Face challenges at home and work

Challenges are not going away – ever

A great place to start is by understanding that challenges are not going to go away. It it true that the individual challenges we face will eventually subside, especially if you work to overcome them, but challenges as a whole are here to stay.

When we take time out to appreciate that there is no finish line and when you complete one challenge another will soon come along, only then can you choose to ask the question that very few people actually ask themselves:

“How good am I at facing and finding solutions to challenges?”

Then you can follow up by asking:

“How do I become even better at facing and overcoming challenges?”

By asking the above two questions you are actually accessing the resourceful part of your brain and empowering yourself to come up with better ways to deal with a whole host of challenges you may come across. 

The problem is not the problem, but the way you think about it

Unfortunately, many people instead of asking resourceful questions when faced with a real challenge ask; ‘why this challenge/problem is happening to them,’ and if you really dwell on this ‘why’ question it will do the opposite of accessing the resourceful part of your brain and can keep you stuck in the same problem for much longer.

It is really important to remember that ‘no challenge or problem ever has any emotion,’ it’s you who adds that part.  Should you feel bad about challenges or problems then the chances are the challenge will feel more like a major problem.  However, should you choose a feeling of inspiration and confidence, this could in fact turn the challenge into your biggest strength!

Pain is a far greater motivation than pleasure

Understandably, it is not always easy to immediately feel good about a challenge you have to face in the workplace or to switch on your resourceful state of mind.  Yet, consider that pain is a far greater motivation than pleasure, especially if we channel that motivation in the right direction.  Think about this for a moment: have you ever said to somebody that if they just focused their energy on what’s good in their life instead of putting so much into what’s bad they could in fact be very successful?  It’s exactly the same when it comes to your individual challenges too.  Next time you are faced with a challenge that makes you feel a little ‘ouch, this hurts,’ remember to ask yourself how you can turn that ‘ouch,’ into inspiration and action.

Written by Pete Scott, a learning consultant at Capita Learning & Development.

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